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                Horse Turnout Blankets

                Horse turnout blankets are used to protect horses from colder weather while they are turned out. Turnout blankets come in several weights from no-fill, light weight, medium or mid weight to heavyweight. The no-fill sheets keep the wind or rain off of the horse during mild weather. Light weight turnout blankets come with 100g of fiberfill so are usually used for protection from damp, wet conditions in milder winter weather. Medium weight horse turnout blankets are around 250g of fiberfill. They are usually used for weather between 20-40 degrees F; heavy weight blankets are over 300g of fiberfill to be used for more extreme conditions such as weather below 20 degrees F with snow or wind.

                Horse turnout blankets are waterproof, made from a ballistic weave nylon which withstands the wear that occurs from daily turnout. Denier is the strength of the nylon weave; the higher the denier, the stronger the material. Equestrian Collections carries horse turnout blankets from brands like Rambo, Weatherbeeta or Shires. All our turnout blankets come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

                Of course you can select from our full range of horse blankets, sheets or coolers, including Stable Blankets, neck covers as well as liners to give your horse or pony extra protection.
                • Loveson Turnout 0g Net Lined
                  Loveson Turnout 0g Net Lined
                  $54.00 - $54.06 $65.95
                • Shires Mini Winter 200G Highlander Turnout - Medium Weight
                  Shires Mini Winter 200G Highlander Turnout - Medium Weight
                  $57.59 $63.99
                • Shires Tempest Rain Sheet
                  Shires Tempest Rain Sheet
                  $71.99 - $89.99 $89.99
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