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Stable Blankets

Stable blankets help to keep your horse warm while in its stall or while being trailered. Stable blankets can be made of several types of material such as polyester or cotton. Most stable blankets have front buckle closures, elastic leg straps, elastic surcingles, some have removable tail covers. Stable blankets for horses typically come in light, medium or heavyweight. Lightweight stable blankets are around 100 grams of fiber fill. They are used for mild winters or heated barns. Medium or mid weight stable blankets have between 100-250g of fill. It is the most common weight to use as a stable blanket. If your horse is clipped, older or if you live in harsh climate, a heavy weight stable blanket is more appropriate.

Equestrian Collections carries many styles or colors of stable blankets from top name brands such as Amigo, Rambo, Centaur or Weatherbeeta. All our stable blankets come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Of course, you can find a full range of blankets, sheets as well as coolers to suit your horse or pony's every need on Equestrian Collections. Check out turnout blankets from top brands as well as blankets for your miniature horse, foal or pony.
  • Amigo Insulator  - 100 grams
    Amigo Insulator - 100 grams
    $109.95 $120.00
  • Rambo Show Set Rug - 100g
    Rambo Show Set Rug - 100g
    $99.99 $270.30

More About Stable Blankets

You want to ensure your horse stays warm in cold weather, and clean no matter the time of year. Stable blankets for horses come in various colors and patterns, to complement any horse or stable décor. These blankets come in a wide range of prices to accommodate every budget. When you’re looking at horse stable blankets for sale, you’re probably reminded of coat shopping for your own needs. You need protection from chilly to freezing weather, and so does your horse. Depending on your horse, the climate and your riding schedule, you may want to have stable blankets on hand in more than one thickness.

Note that stable blankets are suitable only for horses in a barn or otherwise indoors, and are not used for turnout.

Stable Blanket Weights

Stable blankest are available in three basic weights:

  • Light- Use a lightweight stable blanket when the night starts getting chilly but before the true cold really sets in. A lightweight blanket helps keep your horse clean prior to an event in the fall or early spring.
  • Medium – Most horses do well in cold weather with a medium weight stable blanket, and if your budget allows only one blanket choice this is your best option.
  • Heavy: In very cold temperatures, a horse may benefit from a heavyweight blanket. Aging horses and those clipped for the winter also need a heavy stable blanket.  


Stable Blanket Materials

The majority of stable blankets are constructed of heavy-duty synthetic fabrics. Some stable blankets are made of canvas or wool, or contain these materials as linings. Care for and wash your stable blanket according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Stable Blanket Design

Most stable blankets feature front buckle closures and surcingles to keep the blanket in place. Leg straps keep the blanket from moving in the back, and some brands include straps fitting beneath the tail.

Measuring for a Stable Blanket

It’s crucial that a stable blanket fit your horse correctly. Too large, and your horse could get a foot caught or sustain a shoulder rub. Too small, and your horse could suffer from rubs in a variety of areas. Use a fabric tape measure and run it from the middle of your horse’s chest, past the shoulder and to where the blanket ends, over the tail. If the resulting measure is 80 inches, for example, that’s the size stable blanket you need. If your horse measures at 79 inches, choose the slightly larger 80 inch stable rather than the 78 inch version. Stable blankets are generally available only in even-numbered sizes.

When placed on your horse, the stable blanket should appear too fit properly and comfortably. You don’t want any tightness in the shoulders, croup or elsewhere. The bottom of the stable blanket should not fall below your horse’s knees. You don’t want him getting caught up in his blanket.

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