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Reinsman Classic Winter Blanket 200G





Reinsman Classic Winter Blanket 200G

Perfect for cold winter days, you dont have to splurge to get a great blanket. The Reinsman Classic Winter Turnout blanket offers cold protection, moderate rain resistance, and a comfort neck thats lined with fleece plus its easily adjustable.

Moderate durability from the 600 Denier water-resistant top. You'll love how the neck of the blanket is lined with fleece for comfort and how it helps prevent rubs while wearing. You can easily adjust to your horse with the two front buckles, while the standard two criss-cross belly straps and elastic rear leg straps keep the blanket in place. The nylon liner is breathable to help keep your horse comfortable. Easy to clean, you can wipe the water-resistant top down as needed or throw the blanket in the washer on cool and hang to dry.


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