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                Miniature, Foal & Pony Blankets

                Ponies, foals as well as miniature horses - the smallest of our equine friends, certainly need blankets to help keep them warm & dry. Equestrian Collections carries stable as well as turnout blankets for ponies, miniature horses or foals. Stable blankets will help keep ponies or minis clean and warm especially if they are clipped for show season. Turnout blankets are also available to protect the ponies in the cold or snow.

                The Amigo Petite line of horse blankets is perfect for miniature horses  - most come with a neck cover as well! Foals do not have much body fat and therefore need some extra help staying warm in the colder months. It is great for foals to be turned out with their dam as well as other mares with their foals to exercise to develop muscle. Foal turnout blankets will help protect them outside, stable blankets are available for time in the stall. Find top brands of blankets for ponies, foals as well as miniature horses at Equestrian Collections for great prices.

                Select from great blanket brands like Amigo, Kensington, or EOUS for your bigger equine friends!  Of course you can find a full line of horse blankets, sheets or coolers to suit all your needs, a well as a full line of horse tack here on Equestrian Collections.
                • Tough-1 Polar 600D Waterproof Poly Miniature Blanket
                  Tough-1 Polar 600D Waterproof Poly Miniature Blanket
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                More about Miniature Foal Pony Blankets and Sheets

                They are both small and adorable, but miniature horses and foals are very different creatures. When you’re shopping for a blanket for a mini or a foal, remember that these products are not interchangeable simply because they are designed for little equines. Purchase a blanket specifically created with miniature horses’ or foals’ needs in mind. Mini and foal blankets are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so your smaller equines look stylish while they keep warm.  


                Miniature Horse Blankets

                Depending on your climate, your miniature horse may not need a blanket in winter. However, if you show or drive your minis in cooler weather, it is wise to clip their coats in the fall and keep them blanketed throughout the winter. When considering miniature horse blankets for sale, keep in mind that minis have the same blanketing needs as larger equines – just in a smaller size. Choose from light, medium and heavyweight blankets based on your mini’s needs, or mini turnout rugs if your very small equine spends much or all of his time outdoors. In summer, keep biting insects off your mini with a fly sheet and matching fly mask. Sheets keep them clean at shows and other events.

                Measuring for a Mini Blanket

                Measure your mini much as you would for a full-size horse blanket, from mid-chest to just beyond the tail.

                Foal Blankets

                There’s a reason Mother Nature generally has foals born in mid to late spring. It’s warm and foals can thrive on spring grass. These days, many breeders prefer to have foals arrive in winter or early spring.  Not all foals need blankets, but those born when there’s still a chill in the air can benefit from extra protection during their first weeks of life. Foals recovering from illness or with compromised immune system may also need blanketing until the weather truly turns warm and sunny. Foals outdoors with their mothers in cool or rainy weather require safeguarding from the elements.

                Foals grow rapidly, so does that mean you have to keep buying new blankets every few weeks? Not at all – foal blankets are adjustable to accommodate changes in baby’s size. Depending on the make and manufacturer, these adjustable foal blankets may fit your foal from birth until he’s a few months old.  Foal blankets should remain snug, but not so tight that rubs result. Check the foal’s blanket at least every morning and evening to ensure it is not slipping. Remove any wet blanket from a foal immediately – the baby could catch a chill. If the mare and foal are outside much of the day in changeable weather, put a waterproof turnout rug on the foal so that even if his rug gets wet, he stay dry and warm underneath.

                Since you don’t know the exact size of your foal before he is born, choose a foal blanket size based on the breed average and/or size of the sire and dam.

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