Officinalis Officinalis
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Officinalis Leather Cleaning Cream

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Officinalis Leather Cleaning Cream

Officinalis Leather Cleaning Cream


Officinalis Leather Cleaning Cream is based on the fragrant oil of almonds. Since it is rich in natural vegetable and animal fat it nourishes and cleans leather while preventing cracks and polishing the surface.

This pleasant scented cream can make cleaning saddles and bridlework a pleasure not a chore

Just apply the Cream with a damp sponge and massage into the leather. In one step youve cleaned nourished polished and protected your leather Use regularly to keep your leather soft

Comes in a 500ml container. Made in Italy.

Size:  500 mL

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from West Virginia

This cream is so what I was looking for !!!! I am very satisfied this stuff is great for taking care of our saddle, bridles , riding boots. A very nice maintenance product for taking care of tack!
Overall Rating: 5 of 5