Stall Guards & Cross Ties

Stall guards or cross ties are useful barn accessories. Safely secure your horse during grooming by using a set of cross ties in the barn aisle or in the stall. Cross ties are generally sold singularly so they can easily be replaced. Remember, most cross ties are made of nylon, and will not easily breakaway from a panicked horse, so should be used with a breakaway string or equi-ping for safety. Stall guards are a great option to allow your horse more freedom to look out of their stall while supervised. Stall guards can be a simple covered stall chain, or can be more decorative nylon or cotton stall guard. Stall guards and chains can be attached to the stall door frame using simple eye-hole screws and double end snaps.

Stall guards or cross ties are available in a variety of colors and styles from top brands like Kensington or Centaur. Find all the stall guards or cross ties you need at Equestrian Collections.

Stall Guards & Cross Ties

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Up-Right Anti-Cast Safety Strips Black 36in


$59.99 Save: 26%

The Up-Right(R) Anti-CAST Assistance Strips Proven technology that helps most horses get to their feet by themselves when "CAST", especially when assistance is not available. The Up-Right(R) Strips are designed to give your horse the ability to gain ...Read more »

Made in the USA
In Stock.

Kensington Safe T Tie

Starting at: $13.99

$15.99 Save: 13%

Safe-T-Tie - 2 Pack is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Safe-T-Tie was designed to be used anywhere, at any time. In essence, its a safety release that can be used with a lead rope no matter where the horse might be. Traditionall ...Read more »

Some styles are in stock.

Stall Guards & Cross Ties

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