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Little Likit Refills Assorted Case

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Little Likit Refills Assorted Case

Little Likit Refill Assortment

Case of 24 Little Likit Refills in the our most popular flavors - Apple, Carrot, Mint, & Molasses

  • The Likits are naturally flavored glucose or molasses based treats, depending on the flavor, for horses with an appealing light green, yellow, orange or pink color added, as well. The exceptions to the added coloring are garlic and natural molasses, which have none added. They are all fortified with Vitamin E and Biotin, as well.
  • This product is designed as a tasty treat, as well as to provide entertainment and stress relief.
  • Used in conjunction with one of several toys, it is being recommended by leading vets and equine behaviorists.

Horses kept in for lengthy periods are likely to become bored and liable to develop so-called vices, such as cribbing, weaving or box-walking. This is most likely to happen with competition animals, which are extremely fit. This boredom can be relieved by our selection of purpose-designed toys. Keeping your horse happy and relaxed is of major importance to his welfare and professionals have found that using these toys will lead to a more relaxed and contented horse.

  • The Little size Likits are available in variety of flavors many of which will be in this assortment. They are designed to fit into the TONGUE TWISTER, which is mounted on the wall or into the bottom, ball, part of the BOREDOM BREAKER, which can be hung in the stall. The Boredom Breaker toys are most effective when hung at least 3 feet away from any wall, so the horses can't pin them down and the Tongue Twister should be mounted above the height of their haunches, so they can't bang into it.

While consumption can vary, do not exceed 150-300 grams per day. Excess consumption can cause potential digestive upsets.

Color: Assorted
Size:  Case of 24

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