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Weavers Stacy Westfall Activity Ball

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Weaver Stacy Westfall Activity Balls can be used as an aid in training horses a tool to help rider work on balance and improve seat positionor a horse toy that offers hours of enjoyment. They come in 3 sizes to accommodate different horse or rider size.

Each ball includes a DVD featuring Stacy Westfall that guides you though the proper uses for the product and a pump for easy inflation

Small ball only comes in purple is more challenging for advanced horse training and can be used with shank bits. Its 80" when fully inflated and 26" high.

Med ball only comes in blue and is great for training sessions to help desensitize horses and reduce spooking or overreacting to new things. Its 102" when fully inflated and 33" high.

Large ball only comes in red is easier for less advanced horses to control and should NOT be used with shank bits as it may bounce up and jar the shanks. Its 130" when fully inflated and 41" high.

Color: Red
Size:  Large

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Overall Rating: 2 of 5 stars

There is 1 review for this product

Kelly A

from Nebraska

September 23, 2014

My 7 YO Anglo-Arab loves to play with balls in our sand arena
I roll the ball to him and he bops it back with either his head or his hoof. I was very excited to receive the the WV Stacy Westfall Activity Ball. When I opened it, I very surprised that the material seemed so thin but reasoned that maybe it was tougher than it looked or why else would it be sold for horses? It took almost 30' to pump it up to firmness with the enclosed hand pump. I brought it out to the arena and rolled it toward my gelding. He was so happy! He rolled it back to me. This went on for a few more times, until the last roll, when he pushed it with his forehead and kicked it (with his bare hoof) toward me and I heard a hissing sound as the ball deflated. The human activity balls used for exercise in gyms are tougher and last longer for horses.
Overall Rating: 2 of 5

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