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Havahart Trap For Small Animals

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Havahart Trap For Small Animals

The Havahart Squirrel Trap works great for rats, weasels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, and red squirrels. Use to Set Traps Indoors At Passageways Or Holes Used By the Animal. Out Doors, Set Traps Near Grain and Feed Bins, Regular Runways Or Den Holes. For Mice & Rats Use: Peanut Butter, Fruit Pits, Cereals. For Weasels: Meat Or Fish Or Fresh Chicken. Frequently, Wild Animals Stress Easily and May Seriously Injure themselves as They Attempt to Escape. Product dimensions: 16in X 6in X 6in. Produduct is made with High Tensile Wire Mesh with a Steel-Reinforced Gravity-Action Door. It has Sensitive Triggers to Ensure Quick Secure Catch.

Size:  16" x 6" x 6.25"

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