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AniMed Xpel Odor & Spot Eliminator

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AniMed Xpel Odor & Spot Eliminator

Unique, synergized blend of all-natural microorganisms eliminates urine, vomit, feces, oils, blood and other organics with a powerful Bio-Enzymatic Action that provides maximum breakdown and removal of odor-producing substances and the build-up they leave behind. Breaks down organic substances at the molecular level to prevent materials from "off-gassing" and releasing odors. Also features exclusive Odor Suppression Technology (OST). OST is not a cover-up or perfume; it provides immediate elimination of odors at the source and prevents the release of new odors. Scientifically formulated for areas where pet accidents happen. Assists in house-breaking pets by eliminating the residual odors that trigger the marking instinct. Saturate area, rinse with water, allow to dry. Safe for use on all carpets, fabrics, hard surface floors, furniture and upholstery, bedding, crates, carriers, cages, dog runs, even cars. Non-toxic, earth-friendly, biodegradable. Contains no alcohols, harsh chemicals or caustic agents. Pop-up squirt cap.

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