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Wave Fork - Complete Kit with Handle - Choose 2 Colors After You add to Cart

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Wave Fork - Complete Kit with Handle - Choose 2 Colors After You add to Cart

Choose Your 2 Color Tines after you add the Wave Fork to your Shopping Cart. More colors available at an extra charge

"The last fork you'll ever buy " what do we mean by this this ?!...well plain and simple we have over 6000 tines in the market and no tines have broken !...yep it's true read some of our customers testimonials. The Wave Forks are Strong, Lightweight and A Dream to use ! Wave Forks weigh under 2.4 lbs. They are Super lightweight and Super Durable. To prove this we drove our 6 ton Dually Truck over it to demostrate just how Durable they are !(see our Durability Test Below) no parts broken ! Our tines are Durable !Tines are Engineered to twist, bend and compress under multi load points....this is why the Tines are so Strong. Each tine is independantly a Structure and together they form a super structure. We too were tired of breaking tines... So we designed and engineered a fork that would sustain its product life and give long lasting SERVICE to our customers..."Built to Last" Ergonomicly superior because of its optimized Wave Fork angle and lightness..." the Wave Fork is comfortable to use and lightweight " it comes with soft comfort grips that adjust to your individual height. " Once you use the Wave Fork manure fork you won't go back to the other forks "..." it just feels right "..." I love my wave fork " and we hope you do too ! The cure for inferior manure forks ! The Wave Fork made in USA.

Why the Wave Fork is so Durable! The Patended Tines are Engineered to Bend, Twist and Compress without snapping. We spent over 5 years and multiple prototypes to develop the tine. Its functional wave shape profile allows for efficient mucking...hence the wave acts as a basket to gather manure without it rolling out or off the fork. Optimized tine spacing saves horse bedding allowing you to sift out the soiled bedding faster. Made of a new copoloymer plastic resin optimized to perform in hot and cold tempatures... We have our forks all across the USA in cold and hot climates. " The cure for inferior breakable tines " Finally a Tine that won't break! We have over 6000 tines on market across the USA and NONE of them have broken or snapped! We are quite proud of this because we know that we have made a lot of horse people very happy. We constantly receive positive feedback from our customers stating they are truly convinced that this is the most durable manure fork of its kind. The spacing between the tines is about 3/4".

The handle is made of an aircraft grade aluminum. It has a thicker wall section for added strength, but it super light weight. Handle has an anodized finish which is a protective coating for outdoor use.

Express yourself! Show off your barn colors! Or choose colors so you can easily identify your fork at your barn! You get 2 Packs of 7 inner tines. A rail set and handle to build one complete fork. Choose up to 2 different colors.


Best Fork Ever! We will never buy any other forks again. This is the best product out there. Also, Thank you for the complete customer service.
Schott In The Dark Farms
Karl Schott

Replaceable Tine ! What attracted me to the Wave Fork was the replaceable tines. I was buying a new fork every 4 to 6 weeks. After owning a Wave Fork for almost a year I find it to be indestructable. I would recommend this fork toe veryone.
Ron Chandler
Otisville, MI.

I love the cool New Wave design! it really helps gather the manure into the basket without bouncing out while you sift. Its so lightweight that it doesn't weigh you down and its durability holds up to our large saddle bred operation.
Lisa Davies-Siederman
Malibu CA

Matches Our Training Barn Colors! We love using the Wave Fork. We are out on the road a lot going to shows across the nation with as many as 16 horses and this fork is dependable. You don't have to worry about breaking one while on the road and being rakeless. And because it in our barn colors there is no more concern that someone is going to walk off with it.
Tim and Karen Wildes
Wildes Show Horses, Lakeside CA

My 350 lbs. Couldnt Break It! I was shocked when at a popular area trade show, I was asked to stand on the basket part of their Wave Fork. I weigh near 350 lbs. and when I step on most things I usually hear a snap, crackle, pop or at least a groan. I stepped on their fork several times with both feet. I couldn't break it - - - that thing is indeed a piece of Samsonite! It is still hard to believe. Their I-beam tine mold design really adds serious strength to it. Not only is it strong, it is a beautiful product. I had to have one. I am looking forward to many years of serious service with this baby. I think I have met my match.
Dewey Roof,Edmund, OK

Great Look - Great Innovation! I was looking for a lightweight fork to clean stalls at my friend's 34 horse stall barn. The look and innovation of this fork really caught my eye. I love this fork! It's easy to maneuver, it's strong and very lightweight. We all tried the rake and were sold after the first stall. What a great idea! The side pieces and the "wave" configuration help to keep the manure in the fork and makes for an easier and faster job. I would highly recommend this fork. You're only as good as your tools and this is a great tool!! Thanks for the help!
Jennifer Thompson

Amazing Design and Materials! The Wave Fork is by far the best pitchfork I have ever used. I take care of 32 horses, 7 days a week. I clean up hundreds of pounds of manure on a daily basis. Every pitchfork I have ever used ends up breaking after only a few months. The design and materials used in the Wave Fork is amazing. I will eventually replace the 6 pitchforks on my property with just a couple Wave Forks.
Quentin Bowen

Tines are Indestructable! The Wave Fork is the best manure fork I've ever used or owned. The secret to fly abatement is a clean corral and using the Wave Fork makes picking up much easier - light weight yet super strong. The tines are indestructible and the reinforced handle connection give the fork added strength and years of use. High marks for the fork!
Ron Bogoyevac
RedHawk Ranch-Thousand Oaks, CA

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