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Save Trees - No Catalogs: Ecatalogs

We care - So We Don't Print Catalogs
However, we do have gorgeous Click to Shop ECatalogs...Equestrian Collections loves the beauty of print, the emotive feeling a great layout can bring. We like nothing better than to browse through pages of outfits, stacks of clothing, pages and pages of must have equipment for our horses.
Even better, whenever we like something we can click though to buy it. Aah! The joys of instant gratification!  We can enjoy all the benefits of print with all the eco-friendly plusses that the Web can bring with Click to Shop e-Catalogs!
So, we send almost no print pieces from our vendors, and we print none of our own.  We encourage all your favorite brands to make us pdfs of catalogs for you "that never see the light of print"!
 Click here to see some of our favorites.
Then, take it one step further ... Ship Green, Ship Ground!
In addition to our commitment to paperless catalogs, Equestrian Collections supports the smallest possible carbon footprint in delivering your package.  Ground shipping provides the least shippin carbon impact on our environment.  Depending on the variables, shipping by ground produces about one third of the carbon impact as shipping by air.  Please join us in supporting ground shipping! It's least expensive for you and better for our environment.    


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