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Tips for the Rider: Safety Tips for Hunting Season

Stay Safe During Deer Season!

With fall upon us, Equestrian Collections is delighted to talk with Mountain Horse about riding safely during hunting season.  Here are some of our question and Mountain Horse's tips and advice. 

EC:  Many Equestrian Collections' customers love to hike and ride in the fall in wooded areas and over fields near where they keep their horses.  What extra precautions should they take to ensure that they can be seen and be safe - their horses too, of course!

MH:  During hunting season it's important to be visible in the woods.  The best way for riders to protect themselves and their equine and canine companions is in the clothing and accessories that they wear, and the places that they chose to ride.

Wear vibrant orange.  The more square inches of orange the better.  Helmet covers are available in a variety of bright colors, including neon yellow and blaze orange.  Orange safety vests are available for dogs in all sizes as well as bright orange quarter sheets for horses.  (As a side note, remember bright orange safety halters for turnout if your pastures are anywhere near hunting areas.  Better to be safe than sorry!) 

EC:  Are there any colors to avoid?

MH:  Yes!  Don't look like a deer!  Avoid wearing anything brown or white.  A flash of white can easily be mistaken for the white flag of a deer's tail.

EC:  Where can we get riding gear that will help us be seen?

MH: Mountain Horse offers a variety of products this season that will help.  Hunting season is your season for Mountain Horse!  There are several jackets this season in a great orange color, so you can be seen, and be stylish at the same time.

EC: Most riders talk while they ride, so won't hunters hear them coming?

MH: Higher pitch noises carry further than voices.  Definitely consider a bell attached to clothing, horse or dog, especially if you are riding alone when there will not be talking.  Additionally, the sound of hoof beats is deadened by fallen leaves, so in the fall you'll want to make some additional noise.

EC: What are some other hints you could offer?

MH:   A little extra planning and preperation will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable outing.
  1. Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return
  2. Take your cell phone, have a GPS system loaded on it if possible
  3. Stick with established trails during hunting season.  Responsible hunters generally know where hiking and riding trails are located
  4. If possible, chose trails where hunting is not allowed
  5. DO NOT venture out on the first day of large game season
  6. Post the dates and rules for your state and local area in your barn  

And remember to be courteous and respectful to hunters and non-hunters alike, so everyone can share and enjoy the woods!

  Thanks! And remember, the Mountain Horse collection is available on Equestrian Collections at a 10% discount year 'round.      

Happy Trails!




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