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The Power of Super Sponsorship

The Power of Super Sponsorship: For Organizations with Regions

The Power of Super Sponsorship
This will be particularly invaluable to organizations that have regional/local entities that also have web sites.  The Parent group would sign up as a Super Sponsor Participant and then refer all their “Children” sites.  So, if a national organization has a parent site and 50 child sites and each site generated $10,000 of purchases – acting alone, the parent would receive $800.   Acting in consort with their local sites, they would receive $800 plus $4000, plus $250 in sign up fees, plus each Child site would receive $800 a piece for a total of $40,000.  $45,850 in all.   This is the power of Super Sponsorship – you leveraging the value of the buying power of your members, customers, subscribers and friends.
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