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Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...

Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...: Equestrian Organization Sites - Multi

Equestrian Organizations are second only to Non-Profits for the number requests we get for Sponsorships.  If yours is a large Equestrian Association (The Parent), that has many Regional Associations (Children) attached to it, then you have a Power House for fundraising for your organization.
The most valuable asset that you have is your Members and now you can harness their buying power and turn it into valuable income that you can use to offer prizes, special deals and features for your Membership.  8% of every purchase they make from your Organization's site on Equestrian Collections, PLUS 8% of everything they go on to spend there for the next 6 months is now yours for the asking!
Also, if you recommend all your Child Regional organizations, you will also reap 10% of whatever commissions they earn from sales from their respective web sites on Equestrian Collections.  Your Parent Association will also get a $5 referral fee for each Child we sign up.
Just apply to become an Super Sponsorship Affiliate and once approved you will be given access to all kinds of Content, information about products that will appeal to your Association Members. 
So, if you want be able to help your Organization get a steady stream of supplemental income - Don't be afraid to ask for Sponsorship from Equestrian Collections... Now, more than ever, we can say "Yes, we can!".
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