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Shipping Information: What are the international rates?

International Shipping Information

Our standard international shipping method is UPS WorldWide Expedited Service by air for all international shipments.  The rates in the table below will apply to all countries except the following:
Click for Shipping rates to:
Australia/New Zealand/Guam/Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines/Thailand/Vietnam
Hong Kong/ Japan/Taiwan/Singapore/China
Western/Central Europe
Middle East
India and Pakistan
Argentina/Belize/Bolivia/Brazil/Chile/Columbia/Costa Rica/Equador/El Salvador/Guatemala/Honduras/Nicaragua/Panama/Paraguay/Peru/Uraguay/Venezuela 
Slovakia/Russia/Romania/Poland/Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia/Czech Republic/Hungary
South Africa
Shipping and Handling Rates for all other  International Shipments: 
 $0-$24.99 $60.00
 $25-$49.99 $80.00
 $50-$99.99 $115.00
 $100-$149.99 $120.00
 $200-$299.99 $150.00
 $300-$399.99 $175.00
 $400-$499.99 $250.00
 $500 and up


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