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Return Policies: Why did I get a Store Credit?

There are several reasons that you may have been given a store credit when returning an item to Equestrian Collections.  The most common reasons for Store Credit are:
  • Item returned was a gift from another person's account
  • Item returned  was originally purchased from the Equestrian Collections Outlet
  • Item returned was purchased with a credit card that has since expired (and so cannot be credited)
  • Item returned was a special or custom order
  • Item returned is more than 365 days old

If you would like to redeem your store credit, place you order on line, and select "store credit" when filling in your credit information. Due to system limitations, store credit may not be applied on line to shipping charges.  As a matter of policy, if you have enough store credit to cover your shipping, it will be applied by customer service before you order is processed.      



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