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                Fly Spray

                Fly spray is the most common and practical form of direct fly control for your horse. There are many brands of equine fly spray available on the market today, as well as all-natural types of fly sprays. For horses that live outside on pasture, there are fly spray options that last for several days and are water and sweat-resistant, such as Farnam Endure, Farnam Tri-Tech or Absorbine Ultrashield EX. The horses that are sensitive to chemical sprays would benefit from plant-based sprays such as Farnam Nature's Defense or Absorbine Ultrashield Green. In some areas, you are not only battling flies but other biting insects including ticks.

                Fly sprays from Absorbine, Farnam or Pyrahna will also tackle those other pests. Equestrian Collections carries a large variety of fly sprays to meet the needs of all horses and owners. Find the fly spray you need at everyday low prices on Equestrian Collections.

                There are other methods of keeping flies at bay, including lotions and wipes as well as fly leg wraps. At Equestrian Collections we carry any stable supply equipment you may need.
                • Farnam Grand Champion Spray
                  Farnam Grand Champion Spray
                  $13.99 $16.99
                • Farnam Tri Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  Farnam Tri Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  $22.95 $31.20
                • Farnam Tri Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  Farnam Tri Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  $68.05 $81.99
                • Prozap Rtu Aqueous Fly Spray
                  Prozap Rtu Aqueous Fly Spray
                  $59.95 $71.95
                • Farnam Wipe II with Citronella Spray
                  Farnam Wipe II with Citronella Spray
                  $18.80 $27.12
                • Tri-Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  Tri-Tec 14 Fly Repellent
                  $13.99 $16.99

                More About Horse Fly Spray

                Horse fly spray is the most frequent and effective form of fly control for horses. Several different types of fly spray for horses is available in today's market, including several all-natural sprays. Special sprays exist for use on pasture horses that are sweat and water resistant and can last for a few days. Equestrian Collections sells a variety of brands, including Absorbine Ultrashield EX, Farnam Tri-Tech, Pyranha Pyranha Equine Spray, and Farnam Endure for pasture dwellers, and plant-based sprays like Absorbine Ultrashield Green, Durvet Power Fly Spray and Wipe for Horses, and Farnam Nature's Defense which are indicated for those horses who have a sensitivity to chemical sprays. We also carry fly spray for horses that are also effective for ticks and other biting insects

                All Natural Fly Sprays

                A highly recommended all-natural repellent for flies is Farnam Nature's Defense. This product combines botanicals with citronella to create an effective blending of essential oils. We carry maximum strength sprays that combat over 70 different species of insects (biting, bot, barn and stable flies, gnats, deer ticks, culex mosquitoes that are carriers of the West Vile Virus, and many more). Some sprays may contain conditioning agents derived from essential oils which help to combat dryness, enhance your horse's coat, and promote shine.

                Water Based Fly Sprays

                If you're in the market for a water-based fly spray for horses, Equestrian Collections has several that fit the bill. A water-based formula can offer up to thirty days of protection, and won't attract either grime or dust. This type of formula repels and kills gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and deer ticks that could carry Lyme Disease. We also carry an aqueous fly spray that doesn't leave an oily residue, can be used indoors as a fog or spray, and can be directly applied to both cattle and horses.

                Chemical Based Fly Sprays

                If you're looking for a stronger chemical based fly spray, then we have several excellent choices for you. We offer a spray containing two insecticides and two repellents, lanolin and aloe coat conditioners, as well as a PABA sunscreen, that controls deer, stable and face flies plus a host of other pests for approximately 5 to 10 days. We also carry a sweat resistant, weatherproof formula that's effective for up to 17 days, and can even be used on dogs as well as horses. Some of our available products contain approximately .5% Permethrin for fast and reliable fly control, as well as control of lice, bedbugs, mites, gnats, and fleas. We also carry an insect spray that contains piperidine carboxylate and picaridin, and is the only fly repellent that is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that can be used on both rider and horse.

                How To Care For Your Horse Fly Spray

                Fly spray for horses should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area. Read the instructions carefully on each bottle to make sure you are using it correctly. Make sure to follow all guidelines for use frequency.

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