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Equine Couture Floral Fly Bonnet

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Equine Couture Floral Fly Bonnet

The Floral Fly Bonnet by Equine Couture is cute, unique accessory for any pony lover! Silver flowers along the edge add an adorable daisy design, perfect for summer time trail rides. Ear bonnets are a great choice to block flies around the ears in the hot summer time. Horses that are hyper-sensitive to sound will appreciate the muffling effect that bonnets provide, creating a more focused horse. The Spandex fabric allows for total ear rotation and freedom of movement. With a knit/crochet pattern, many holes allow for adequate air flow.


  • Floral Detailing
  • Fly Control
  • Sound Muffling
  • 100% Cotton- Spandex Ears
  • Available in Pony, Cob and Full Sizes


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