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Original Fly Wraps

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Original Fly Wraps

Got Flies? FLY WRAPS are the original mesh leg wraps designed to cover and protect horses and offer relief from biting flies and insects.,~All-natural, insecticide-free solution for protecting your horse against flies & mosquitoes~Minimizes stomping and stamping associated with the horse’s attempt to rid insects~Used by veterinarians as medical bandages to allow air to circulate healing wounds, cuts and surgical incisions ten times faster than normal cloth bandages~Elastic straps keep the wraps up and in place,Don’t compromise. Make sure you’re getting the patented original.

Set of 4 fly wraps.

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There are 6 reviews for this product

Verified Purchase

Janine C

from Florida

September 17, 2018

Great fly Boots !

The Fly Wraps were just as described and fast delivery . However, my TB did not like them. To no fault of the manufacturer, he just couldn't get used to them :-) I would recommend these to friends!

Sharon K

from South Carolina

January 26, 2015

These wraps are holding up pretty well

On one set the straps came unsewn so I glued them with fabric glue. I like the elastic in the straps and the fabric is very durable.

Megan R

from Massachusetts

December 23, 2014

These are the best fly wraps I have ever used! They stay on for days and are so comfortable on my Thoroughbred. She doesn't mind them at all and it keeps the stable flies off her legs and keeps her from stomping and splitting her hooves and loosening her shoes. Thanks for making a durable product that lasts!

Linda B

from Michigan

November 23, 2014

The description of these fly wraps leave out how many you get. Do you get 2 or 4?

kim Y

from Utah

May 21, 2014

I have used mine for 2 years and they are still holding strong. They are a great fly/bug protection.

Jackie R

from North Carolina

January 14, 2014

Although I have purchased this before our fly season is here

They appear to be of good quality, and appear to be very durable.Great product for the price!Thanks
Overall Rating: 5 of 5