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Tory Leather Martingale Leather Dog Collar

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Tory Leather Martingale Leather Dog Collar

From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA. This martingale collar is constructed with two loops - one around the dog's neck and one connecting two dee rings on the main collar. The collar is to be fastened so that it is comfortable for the dog. When the leash is fastened to the dee ring on the small loop, pressure will be applied to the dog's neck when it pulls or tries to escape the collar. It can be a great training tool as it is more corrective than a plain collar but not as harsh as a choke chain or other types of control collars. The 1" wide leather offers a wider area of pressure than a narrower collar making it less likely to damage the dog's neck. Brass hardware.

Fitting Instructions: Tory collars have increments of 2", and five holes in each collar. For a proper fit (at approximately the middle hole), measure the dog's neck, and add 2". For example, if the dog's neck measures 14", order a 16" collar.

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Scott H

from Montana

January 16, 2018

Great Product But Poor Shipping Time

The product is great and I love it and the quality. My only complaint is that by using the USPS for shipping, it took over a week to get it once I was notified that it had shipped. I was wanting it to put on my dog for a Christmas card picture. We waited it out and did the cards later than we wanted but the collar made a big difference in the photo. I kept getting delay notices from the post office tracking and I live in a fairly large city with air service etc. Please consider using a better service for shipping. I notice that whenever a company uses the USPS, the shipping time is 2 or 3 days longer than regular UPS or FedEx. I'd even pay a little more.
Overall Rating: 5 of 5