Stirrups or stirrup irons are needed to fit out an English saddle. Also known collectively as saddle fittings, stirrups or stirrup leathers are available in a variety of different styles and are generally not included with the purchase of the saddle. Stirrup leathers are available in solid leather, leather with a synthetic core to reduce stretching, or of a synthetic material. Stirrup irons are available in a variety of materials now as well including the traditional metal, lightweight aluminum, or new technical composite materials. Stirrup irons are also available in a variety of styles including traditional filis style, breakaway or peacock style stirrups, jointed stirrups, or technical style stirrup irons designed to meet the needs of riders in different disciplines.

Find top brands of stirrups or stirrup irons like MDC Stirrups, Compositi or Korsteel. Ride in style with high quality stirrups or stirrup leathers from Equestrian Collections.

You can also fine stirrup leathers and a wide variety of English girths at Equestrian Collections. We carry horse equipment for the stable, trailer or in the ring.

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Tech Athena Jumper Plus Iron

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Designed For The Jumper Ring Tech Stirrups are equipped with shock absorbers that follow the movement of the foot, allowing freedom of movement and communication, while maintaining greater stability and increasing comfort for the rider. The shock abs ...Read more »

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Stirrups & Irons

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