English Saddle Pads

English saddle pads available for all your showing or schooling needs. English saddle pads from basic baby pads to therapeutic gel pads. English close contact saddle pads are typically fleece and shaped to the curves of the saddle. Dressage saddle pads are shaped in a square shape with curved edges. The all purpose saddle pad is similar to the dressage pad in shape but is smaller and typically does not have as much wither clearance. English saddle pads are an essential piece of your English horse tack.

We carry English saddle pads from popular brands like Centaur, Ovation or Shires Equestrian at great prices. All our English saddle pads come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Equestrian Collections carried a full line of English horse tack including horse girths as well as stirrup leathers, all at everyday low prices.

Saddle Pads

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Maxtra Extreme Shimmable Wool Half Pad

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Saddle Pads

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Savvy Shopper Guide for English Saddle Pads

English saddle pads are used to provide a lightweight cushioning layer between a saddle and the horse's back. Horse saddle pads protect against any friction that might be caused by a saddle rubbing against a horse, and thy also help to protect a saddle by soaking up a portion of the horse's sweat. The outer layer of many saddle pads is usually constructed of a strong, washable blend of fabrics, most often cotton mixed with some type of polyester fiber, which has been quilted over a lighter layer of polyester fill. We have a variety of pads for all of your schooling or showing needs, ranging from the most basic baby pads to larger therapeutic gel pads. 

Types of English Saddle Pads

Equestrian Collections has many different types of English saddle pads for sale. Some saddle pads are made from special moisture-wicking material, like bamboo blends, high tech fabric, or natural sheepskin, which serve to draw perspiration away from a horse to help to keep its back muscles from becoming overheated. Horse saddle pads are shaped to fit the curves of a saddle. We offer the most popular brands such as Ovation, Shires, Centaur, HorZe, B Vertigo, and Weatherbeeta at excellent prices. As always, all of our English saddle pads for sale have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dressage English Saddle Pads For Sale

A typical dressage saddle pad is a square shape featuring curved edges. Choose from our selection of strong polycotton outer pads with wicking lining and a breathable mesh spine, cotton quilted fabric with single braiding, or pads with a soft sueded outer, a girth patch that's PVC covered, and a silicone logo that provides grip for reducing saddle slipping. 

Half Pads

Equestrian Collections offers well fitted half pads with spine channels and soft sheepkin lining, adjustable quilted, non-slip saddle pads containing high-density foam inserts, Neoprene upper panels, and much more.

All Purpose Pads

All purpose saddle pads are shaped similarly to dressage pads, but are smaller and usually don't have the same amount of wither clearance. Our all purpose pads are perfect for lessons or schooling, and come in a great variety of patterns and colors. They can feature ribbon or contrasting piping around the edges, girth to keep the pad from shifting, and straps for a saddle's billets.

Close Contact Pads

These pads come in traditional white for the show arena, as well as multiple color and material choices.

Gel English Saddle Pads For Sale

Our gel saddle pads provide soft tissue protection as well as shock absorption.

English Saddle Pads Fitting & Sizing Information

Sizes range from baby and half pads to dressage and eventing pads. Please refer to your items sizing chart.

English Saddle Pads Care Instructions

Most horse saddle pads can be cleaned using a detergent free soap or a mild shampoo, tepid water, and a soft sponge or cloth. Dampen your cloth, add a tiny bit of soap, work up a small lather, rinse using clean water, and let air dry.

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