English Spurs

English spurs vary in intensity from very small ball ends to larger coarse tooth rowels. English Spurs are metal tools that attach to the rider's boot heel and are used to encourage the horse to move forward or laterally. The size and bluntness of the spur ends effect how severe the spurs are for the horse. Balls or rowels are used on the ends of some spurs and can be rolled along the horse's sides.

We carry English spurs from popular brands like Ovation, TuffRider or Centaur Metalab at everyday great prices. All our English spurs come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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Savvy Shopping Guide for English Spurs

English spurs are metal tools that attach onto a rider's boot heel, and function by stimulating a horse to move either laterally or forward. They've been an important training device for thousands of years, conveying specific instructions to the horse and adding emphasis to your commands. The bluntness and size of your spur ends affect how severe your spurs are for the horse. Rowels (small toothed wheels) or balls are utilized on some spur's ends and may be rolled along a horse's side for encouragement.

English spurs with straps are both decorative and functional and are meant for both competitive and casual riding. Englis spurs are on hand in different sizes and shapes (long neck spurs or slip-on spurs), depending on the particular event or use of the spur. Spur straps are available for schooling in a glossy array of colors (some featuring fun bling accents), and other English spurs with straps are made to match the rider's boot leather in the show ring. Equestrian Collections also carries both stirrups and stirrups leather for all of your English needs.

Types of English Spurs For Sale

We carry a comprehensive collection of English spurs and English spur straps from popular brands including Centaur, Stubben, and HorZe Equestrian. Choose from a wide variety of selections, including lightweight spurs with smaller ball ends, special dressage spurs, German style spurs, Prince of Wales spurs, stainless steel roller ball leather wrapped spurs and long neck rubber side English spurs, flat end and soft end spurs with nylon straps, spurs with roller ends, and larger coarse tooth rowel spurs. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

German Dressage Spurs

These heavyweight spurs are made of stainless steel and feature brass rowels and are currently the most popular dressage spur throughout Europe.

Korsteel POW Dressage Spurs

These high-quality stainless steel spurs feature long shanks and are suitable for every level of competition. Dressage spurs with a 1.5" long neck are also available.

Stubben English Spurs and Spur Straps

Choose from 45 mm neck stainless steel dressage spurs with or without regular pointed or smooth rowels, or the simply designed 20 or 30 mm Ladies or Gents Prince of Wales Spurs, built with blunt ends perfect for either novice or experienced riders.

Centaur Spurs

These high quality spur sets offer engraving, economy sets, and 2" long spurs that are both hand polished, lost wax cast, and 18/8 stainless steel.

Spur Straps

Supple, crack-free Millstone adult leather spur straps with keepers, Ovation expertly crafted English leather spur straps with stainless steel buckles, Horze leather replacement spur straps, and fun, eye-catching Turn-Two Equine hand-tooled, fine-stitched wild-shaped spur straps, are but a few of the broad variety of straps available to you.

Fitting & Sizing Information for English Spurs

Refer to your items sizing chart for the appropriate size for you. Men's, women's, kid's, and unisex sizes are available.

English Spurs With Straps Care Instructions

Spurs may become tarnished over time from storage and use. A non-acidic, non-toxic metal paste can be used to prevent tarnish from re-occurring. A good leather conditioner or a light layer of glycerin may be used to keep straps supple.

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