Figure 8 Bridles

Figure 8 bridles are identical to snaffle bridles except that the noseband is wrapped over the nose and under the chin in a figure 8 shape. Figure 8 bridles are used by event riders and jumpers. Figure 8 bridles keep the mouth closed like a flash but allow for more extension of the nostrils. Figure 8 bridles are a favored bridle for cross country riding. Figure 8 bridles are not allowed in dressage but are allowed in the dressage phase of eventing.

Nunn Finer, Collegiate and Ovation are top figure 8 bridle name brands we carry. Shop our collections of figure 8 bridles and ride in style with Equestrian Collections.

Figure 8

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Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle

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Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle Part of the unique and innovative Collegiate ComFiTec Bridlewear Collection, the Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle was created with the horse's anatomy in mind and follows the structure of the horse's face for ...Read more »

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Figure 8

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