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Neue Schule Transform Weymouth Bit - 12MM - 5CM Shank
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Neue Schule Transform Weymouth Bit - 12MM - 5CM Shank




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Superb Bit

The Neue Schule Transform Weymouth Bit is a 12MM - 5CM Shank bit that is designed for the "short smile"(small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle). The busy mouth, tongue evasions or horse's that experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing when in an advanced outline. The Neue Schule Transform depresses the whole of the tongue, much further back, creating larger airway enhancing the horse's ability to breathe and swallow. An indication of a restricted airway may be a tense horse that is salivating or even making a gurgling sound. Also beneficial if tongue evasions are habitual as there is a lot less room for the horse to successfully draw the tongue back, push down on the mouthpiece or get it over the top.

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