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Neue Schule Aachen Weymouth - 7cm Shank
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Neue Schule Aachen Weymouth - 7cm Shank




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Super Weymouth Encouraging Soft Contact

The Neue SchuleAachen 7 cm Shank Weymouth isan innovative ergonomically designed very kind Weymouth whose mouthpiece is set on at 45 forwards to the cheek shanks. This gentlysloping mouthpiece forms a wide low tongue bridge designed for maximum comfort across the tongue and does not cause pressure over its sensitive outer edges.

This tongue bridge also provides gentle even weight distribution over the bars. The mouthpiece is a constant 16mm diameter circular over the bars and cleverly changing shape forming an oval profile over the tongue thereby occupying minimum volume between the tongue and upper palate. It is particularly beneficial for the horse that is inclined to work above the bit and come back at you (peacock outline) or those that are tense and shorten the neck. The Neue Schule Aachen is designed to encourage the horse to lower the poll and lengthen the neck into soft sustainable contact.

Neue Schule offers an exciting and innovative range of high performance superior comfort bits for all equines covering all disciplines at every level from pleasure to Grand Prix. This is accomplished through bits that are ergonomically designed using the latest in engineering and computer aided design (CAD) technologies. In addition the Neue Schule line incorporates a unique sweeter warmer metal. Neue Schule Salox gold has a high copper content and Neue Schule additivesmaximizewarmth and oxidation promoting salivation mouthing acceptance and communication.

The Neue SchuleAachen 7 cm Shank Weymouth features:

  • 7 cm shank Weymouth
  • Gently sloping mouthpiece forms maximum comfort tongue bridge
  • Tongue bridge provides even weight distribution over bars
  • Encourages horse to lowerpoll and lengthen neck into soft sustainable contact
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Promotes salivation mouthing acceptance and communication
  • Polished stainless steel curb chain included

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