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Neue Schule Demi - Anky 5.5" Loose Ring Bradoon - 14mm

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Neue Schule Demi - Anky 5.5" Loose Ring Bradoon - 14mm

State-Of-The-Art Loose Ring Bit

The Neue Schule Demi - Anky 5.5" Loose Ring 14 mm Bradoon is single jointed and ergonomically designed to eradicate the nutcracker action that the traditional straight-arm single jointed snaffle causes.The Neue Schule line incorporates a unique sweeter warmer metal. Neue Schule Salox gold has a high copper content and Neue Schule additivesmaximizewarmth and oxidation promoting salivation mouthing acceptance and communication. The cleverly curved mouthpiece eliminates upper palate interference and also prevents it from lying too far forward in the mouth causing pressure on the thinner more sensitive part of the tongue. It sweeps slightly away from the corner of the lip to lessen any chance of rubbing and the curvature down towards the bars achieves a gentle even weight bearing surface.

Whencontact is taken the mouthpiece forms a channel for the tongue giving relief over the thinner more sensitive outer edges. This design is very beneficial for horses that back off or only offer an intermittent contact or for the very rare occasion when a horse does not find a lozenge comfortable. The 14 mm bradoon may be used either in conjunction with a Weymouth or independently as a snaffle.

The Neue Schule Demi - Anky 5.5" Loose Ring 14 mm Bradoon:

  • 5.5"loose ring 14 mm Bradoon
  • Single jointed and ergonomically designed
  • Promotes salivation mouthing acceptance and communication
  • Eliminates upper palate interference
  • Used either in conjunction witha Weymouth or independently as a snaffle

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