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What are Jodhpurs and When are They Worn?

Jodhpurs are the traditional riding pants for English riders. They originated from riding pants worn in India, and became popular with the English military officers as they adopted the Indian game of polo. Before the addition of lycra in riding apparel, Jodhpurs were snug from the knee down and flared over the hips to allow for movement. For Hunt Seat Equitation, and for Hunter classes, children wear tan or beige jodhpurs, paddock boots and hunt coats. 

Modern English Jodhpurs are generally snug from the waist down to the ankles, where they end in a cuff that is worn over paddock boots or jodhpurs boots. Garters are a leather buckled strap that are worn around the leg, below the knee, to protect the legs from saddle rubs, and hold jodhpurs down (many jods offer an additional elastic strap worn under the foot, or you can add elastic clips that also help keep the pants from moving when worn).

Kentucky Jodhpurs (more commonly called Kentucky Jods) are similar pants worn by saddle seat riders on gaited horses. They are flared at the bottom and long, rather than tightly cuffed, so that they fall below the level of the foot when mounted.
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Jodhpurs for Young Riders

Jodhpurs in their modern form are tight-fitting trousers that reach to the ankle, where they end in a snug cuff, and are worn primarily for horse riding. The term is also used as slang for a type of short riding boot, also called a paddock boot or a jodhpur boot, because they are worn with jodhpurs. Originally, jodhpurs were snug-fitting only from just below the knee to the ankle and were flared at the hip; modern stretch fabrics have allowed jodhpurs to remove the flare and yet remain supportive and flexible.[1] See more from Widipedia...

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