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What Type of Breeches Are Best For My Discipline?

The unfortunate truth is that while many men ride English, they don't get much choice in Men's breeches in the apparel department.
At Equestrian Collections we carry just about all the brands of men's breeches that exist.  Luckily, the selection is getting better and we believe that trend will continue. 
The most common type of breeches is the Knee Patch Breech. This is the breech of choice for show hunters and jumpers and is good choice for general riding. Another variation of the knee patch breech is the Euro Seat Breech which uses a knee patch, but has a fabric seam that mimics the pattern of a full seat.
The Full Seat Breech is the most popular choice of breeches for dressage riders and is also popular with eventers, or anyone who wants a little extra "stick" in the saddle.
Heading out to a show? Try on a pair of Show CoverUps, which will keep your light-colored breeches clean for the show ring. 
If you ride even in the midst of Winter cold, you'll also want to stock up on a couple pairs of winter breeches, which can be either full seat or knee patch in style, but include more insulation to keep you warm. 
Pessoa Mens Branco Full Seat Breeches
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