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Why Do I Need Riding Boots? 

Many horse-related activities can be comfortably accomplished in your normal casual clothing, but having the right boots and chaps is absolutely essential!  Not only is wearing the wrong equestrian footwear uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous. 

A close-toed boot with a a small heel is necessary whenever you are handling a horse. As horses can't easily see their own feet, having your feet stepped on is relatively common accident, which is lessened by having proper footwear. While riding, if you do not have a heeled boot your foot can easily slip through the stirrup, which can be life threatening should you become unseated. 

If you chose not to wear tall boots, full chaps or half chaps will help to give you a bit of grip in the saddle, as well as protect the inside of your calf from painful rubs.

Except for helmets, there is probably no article of clothing more important to safety than good quality riding boots!     
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