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Regardless of level or discipline, if you show, you will need an Equestrian Show Shirt.  Each discipline has its own, unique traditional style of shirt, but none of them will be available at your local shopping mall!  The best approach is to click on "Shop by Discipline", select your particular discipline, then refine your search either by fabric category, or the prices on the left hand navigation bar.
Ovation Ladies DriLex Ratcatcher Long Sleeve Show Shirt
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Ovation  Dri-Lex Short Sleeve Ratcatcher
Closeouts 90+ Rating. This product met or exceeded the expectations of over 90% of customers that bought it. Item Ships Free for Premium Shipping Shoppers
$27.95 $54.95
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What Type of Show Shirt Do I Need? 
Most Hunter/Jumper riders wear long sleeved show shirts with buttons (or snaps) and a wrap or choker collar.   These traditional shirts look more or less like a man's dress shirt.  However, they have banded, rather than pointed, collars.  For showing, the collar is worn closed about the neck, while most riders loosen and unbutton it between classes.  Increasingly, these shirts are offered with colorful patterns on the insides of the collars, so that they appear "buttoned up" and formal in class, but fun and casual outside of class.  These shirts traditionally come with chokers that circle the neck. More recently, innovations such as magnetic collars, or knit sides have been added to traditional looking show shirts.   For smaller shows, or in extremely hot weather, it is acceptable to wear short sleeves. 

Dressage riders generally wear a Pull Over Short Sleeve Technical Show Shirt and Stock Tie. Because stock ties are generally white or cream, and cover up the shirt, Dressage riders have somewhat greater freedom in the color and style of the shirt itself.   Frequently,  Dressage Show Shirts are made of stretch, technical fabrics, with short sleeves and bright colors, with a stock tie loop at the back of the neck to hold the stock tie in place.  They are athletic shirts, ideal for training, but when combined with a Dressage Frock, Stock Tie and formal white or black gloves, appear to be very formal.   

Because they compete in multiple disciplines, Event Riders may well need multiple Shirts.  Many lower level event riders compromise by using a white tab collared dressage style shirt that can pass as a ratcatcher for their jumping rounds.  

Show shirts come in a wide variety of fabrics and price ranges. For less than $30.00 you can get a perfectly acceptable shirt the hunter arena. Or, if you are headed to the big shows, a micro fiber  shirt with a wrap collar and detailed tailoring can be as much as $100 or more.     
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