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Winter Riding Breeches... Choose thermal riding breeches to keep you snug and warm
While riding in the winter cold!

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Winter riding in the cold can be an exhillerating experience or a miserable one, depending on the riding clothing you are wearing. The choice of a good quality pair or two of winter riding breeches can make all the difference in the world.
Winter horse riding breeches come in most of the conventional breech styles and what differentiates them the most is the thermal fabric that they are made of. Some thermal riding breeches are made of polar fleece - with the "fleece" finish on either both sides, or only on the inside. Shavings from the barn won't stick to a smooth surface, but will stick to the "fleece" finish.
If you want to get wind and rain protection while you are riding, then choose a polar fleece riding breech that has protective waterproofing and a wind barrier. These tend to be the more expensive thermal riding breeches, but, depending on the weather conditions where you ride, can be well worth the extra cost.
Ovation Ladies Winter Riding Breeches
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