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Horse Fly Protection

Horses hate flies.  If there is a fly anywhere near a horse, they will twitch, stomp, stamp and fret. Not only are flies annoying, but they can be dangerous.  Flies and mosquitos can carry disease and some horses are so sensitive to the bites that they suffer from terrible hives and rashes.  

Fly sheets, masks, and fly boots provide a physical barrier between your horse and the flies.  Fly sheets are generally made of nylon netting, so the air can flow through but insects cannot.  Fly masks look like they would blind your horse, but they don't.  A horse can see just fine through the mesh. Pay attention to your horse's environment when you choose fly clothing.  In a cooler climate you can use a tougher, less airflow sheet.  In a hot climate, you'll want something lighter weight.  But be careful! The lighter the sheet, the less durable it will be.  A thin, light net may not survive the night with a turned out rowdy herd of horses!

For other fly repellant options, see our collection of fly sprays and wipes.

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