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Horse Breakaway Safety Halters

Breakaway Halters for Safety!

Any horse that is turned out in a halter, or even left in a stall with a halter on, should be wearing a Breakaway Halter.

Breakaway Halters generally have a primary piece of the halter made of leather  - either the crown piece, or or a connector piece on the buckle.  This "safety latch" will be strong enough to hold though most pressure.  However, should the horse get caught on something sturdy (like a fence post) or panic when tied, the safety piece will break, releasing the horse. 

Does this mean your horse might get loose?  Yes.  However use of a Breakaway Halter will also mean your horse won't break his neck, flip himself over, or get hopelessly and dangerously tangled in whatever he is hung up on. 

Really, anytime your horse is left unattended in a halter, it should be a Breakaway.      
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