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Horse Brushes, Curries & Combs

Fill Your Grooming Box with the Right Brushes 

Every horseman should have a complete basic grooming kit. Grooming your horses properly before your ride allows your horse to be more comfortable and reduces the risk of saddle sores and rubs on your horse.

A Basic Grooming Kit Should Contain

  • Curry Comb: A plastic or rubber tool that is used in a circular motion to bring up dirt, dust and loose hair.
  • Dandy/ Hard Brush: Removes coarse dirt and hair from the coat
  • Body/Soft Brush:  Removes fine dust and brings up the shine on your horse's coat
  • Mane & Tail Comb/Brush: Removes tangles from the mane and tail for daily grooming
  • Hoof Pick: Removes dirt and debris from the horse's hooves
Other useful tools and brushes: soft face brush, pulling comb, rubber grooming mitt and small sponge

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