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Horse Protective Boots

Why Does My Horse Need Boots? 

When you are riding, safe guard your horse's legs with Protective Boots that have been designed just for your sport.  Protective Boots for horses take a variety of forms depending upon whether they are used on the front or back legs, and what discipline you ride. Choose from Front Boots, Hind Boots, Galloping Boots, Splint Boots, Skid Boots and more! 

Hunters and Jumpers typically use an open front jumping boot to protect their horses front legs over fences, and perhaps a fetlock boot on the hind to stop interference injuries.
Dressage riders often use both Front and Hind Boots for schooling that wrap fully around the lower leg. Splint Boots and Galloping Boots protect your horses legs at speed and are appropriate for many disciplines.
Eventers use boots designed for each phase of riding but for cross country riding they rely on boots that wrap around the leg and have superior protection for hard impacts, they must also be waterproof for the many water elements on the field. 
Reining riders have their own set of specialized boots such as Skid Boots and Knee Boots that protect their horses legs from trauma during high speed, sudden stop reining movements. 

For many riders in all disciplines, a good choice in Protective Boots may be general purpose Performance Boot.  These wrap around neoprene boots, such as Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots provide full protection for a wide variety of equine activities.   

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