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Horse Joint & Inflamation Supplements

We ask our horses to participate in a variety of athletic endeavors, from reining and dressage, to racing and jumping.  All of these activities put stress and strain on their joints.

When there is stress or wear and tear on these structures, inflammation develops.  The inflammatory factors degrade the structures and quality of the cartilage and joint fluid.  Normally, the joint is able to respond by producing new joint fluid and cartilage cells.  If this process is overwhelmed, then permanent damage can occur, thus producing an unhealthy and sometimes painful joint.

What can a horse owner do?

As horse owners, we would like to be able to decrease the stress and inflammation in our horses' joints and help make them healthier.  There are several oral supplements that can be used to do just that.  These supplements contain ingredients that are port of the make up of either the articular cartilage or the synovial fluid.  There are also supplements that act as anti-inflammatories.  For more advanced disease, there are prescription only treatments available from your veterinarian.   

Does Joint Supplementation Really Work?

The research in both humans and horses has been varied in its findings.  Some reports have shown improvements while others have shown no effect.  Fortunately none have shown any harm.  Many horse owners report anecdotal evidence that supplementation works.

For a detailed discussion of Joint Supplementation, including active ingredients and recommendations from Dr. Hyman see Ask the Vet:  What About Joint Supplements?

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