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English Stirrup Leathers

For an Elegant and Classic Turnout, Match Your Leathers to Your Saddle

While English Saddles typically do not come complete with stirrup leathers, it is always a good idea to match the leathers to the saddle.  The easiest way to do this, particularly with brown saddles, is to purchase leathers that are the same brand as the saddle.  Then you can be assured the color will match reasonably closely.  With black dressage saddles, you have a bit more choice.  Even if the leather is not exactly the same, the black color will blend.

Beyond color match, stirrup leathers are largely a matter of rider preference.  Of course, leg length is greatest consideration.  You want to make sure that the leathers are long enough, or short enough, to give you some flexibility in where you set you stirrup length. 

Thickness of leather is also a consideration.  Some riders prefer a thinner, single layer leather to decrease bulk under the leg, while others prefer the traditional looped leather to increase the strength of the leather.  The chose is yours!     
Tekna Stirrup Straps
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