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Young Riders Winter Riding Gloves

Winter Glove Buying Guide

Thermal Riding Gloves are the last thing you would want to forget when planning your winter riding apparel wardrobe! Without insulated riding gloves, riding in even moderately cold temperatures is uncomfortable.

Riding in extreme temperatures without them can be dangerous as you lose heat through your extremities - hands, feet, and head most.  This is particularly an issue with young riders, as their smaller size makes it harder to maintain body temperature.

Tips When Buying Winter Riding Gloves for you Young Rider:

  • Winter riding gloves should taper towards wrist to prevent heat escape. Velcro wrist grips or strap buckle combination are important features to hold warmth inside. The warmth remains inside with good mid layer insulation.
  • Take your pick of insulation; at least two layers of Thermacore and fleece liners give the best. Let the gloves be a little loose to give some airspace in between  hands and the glove.  DO NOT use last year's too small gloves!  Tight gloves make for cold hands.
  • Winter riding gloves should be made in breathable waterproof synthetic or natural leather. Glove liners are a good idea.
  • If you are buying for the first time ask your child's trainer for advice, or check with your fellow barn riders as to what thermal winter riding gloves they own and like. Shop around across brands like Mountain Horse Thermal Gloves, Heritage Winter Gloves , and Ovation Gloves. A good pair of winter riding gloves can make all the difference between a happy rider and a miserable child!

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