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Horse Riding Winter Jackets Buying Guide

Whether heading out to on a winter trail ride, taking part in a winter riding  lesson, or just going to muck out the stalls, make sure your riding jacket is up to date.

Choose your jacket based on the kinds of activities you engage in, and the weather in your area of the country.

Heavy Jackets and Parkas:

 For hours out of doors in really frigid temperatures, you'll need a Heavy Jacket or Parka. These "super duty" coats are designed to keep you warm and dry down to sub-zero temperatures. Many of these parka, such as Horseware Blackwater Combo, or the Kerrits Cargo Jacket the are "Layer Systems" which allow you to add or remove layers depending upon the weather.   Even if a parka does not have removable layers, such as the Mountain Horse Mountain Ridge Jacket, it is likely designed with a layering principle.

Medium Weight Jackets:

Of course, most equestrians don't ride daily in sub zero temps and snow! What most of us need is a good Medium Weight Jacket. These work horses of outerwear will be your go-to jackets for most winter riding. Some, like the Ariat Softshell Stable Jacket, or the Kerrits Rideoutside Jacket, depend on softshell bonded fabric which is wind resistant on the outside and soft fleece on the inside. Others, such as the Equine Couture Spinaker use traditional equestrian quilting to add lightweight insulation.


Light Weight Jackets:

Are you one of those lucky equestrians on the West Coast, or South East that never really have cold days? For you we have Light Weight Jackets!  Generally fitted, with light insulation, and flexible "rider friendly" features. These light coats are ideal for anyone between seasons, or to
cut the chill on a cloudy day.

Things to pay attention to regardless of jacket type:

Check the seams of the winter riding jacket. This is the first place water is likely to seep through. Look for a riding coat with as few seams as possible and avoid seams in vulnerable places like the shoulders and upper back.

Look for zippers that are well-shielded and coated with plastic to resist humidity and rusting. On premium brands of winter equestrian outerwear like Mountain Horse, Ariat, Kerrits and Irideon, many of the
zippers are completely waterproof.

Radial and Articulated sleeves
eliminate the restrictions and tugging that occurs in the shoulders of a normal jacket or parka by using a different construction of the shoulder, armhole and underarm panels. Radial sleeves also promote
easier movement - particularly important for when you are riding over fences, bringing horses in, grooming and so forth.

Zip off hoods
help to control body temperature, visibility and comfort. Most of your body heat while riding is lost through your head. So, ride in a riding helmet and chose one of the equestrian jackets have hoods that fit over
your helmet for added protection as you ride.

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