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Protect Against Rain Rot, Thrush and Scratches

Protect and Treat Your Horse for Wet Weather Ailments

Wet, muddy conditions are hard on your horse. Bacterial and fungal infections are a common result of this weather. In this section we've included a few of our favorite products to treat these conditions as well as a few preventative aids. 
The best preventative is to simply remove your horse from muddy conditions, but if that isn't possible, here are a few good preventative aids. AgSilver CleanTalc and AgSilver CleanTalc Max Strength are therapeutic powders that can be used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungal organisms. Simply apply to trouble-prone areas on your horse. It can also be used on tack and equipment.  
If your horse is already showing signs of a skin condition, you'll want to thoroughly cleanse the skin and coat to promote fast healing. Try our selection of medicated shampoos designed to fight fungal and bacterial infections such as EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Shampoo, or Dermafas Medicated Shampoo.
After bathing the area, you'll want to follow up with a good topical treatment. Vetericyn Wound & Infection Spray is a great multi-tasker to have around the barn, and can be used to cleanse wounds, treat infections and kill bacteria. Also available in a Hydrogel formula
Stocking up for the season, or need both shampoo and medicated spray? Try Absorbine's Medicated Shampoo and Spray Twin Pack. If you need to treat an infection and promote the growth of new hair, try Shapley's Original MTG Conditioner, an oil-based formula that does not require rinsing.   
For more detailed information on Rain Rot, check out our Ask the Vet article!  

What Are Common Wet Weather Ailments?

Wet weather can creates a prime environment for a number of different conditions, especially if the weather is turning warmer. Among the most common of these conditions are fungal and bacterial infections that attack the skin and hooves.
Rain Rot, also known as Rain Scald, is a skin condition that commonly presents on the horses' back, haunches and legs. The earliest symptoms of this condition are a matted coat and small bumps under the horse's fur, which when left untreated, progress to crusty scabs and lesions. 
Mud Fever, also known as Scratches, is a skin condition that presents on the pasterns and heel area of the lower leg in wet conditions. Although prevalent in draft horses, this condition can afflict any breed or type of horse. Mud fever generally starts as a small area of irritated skin on the back of the heel, and as it progresses, the initial infection will grow and spread. It will often also start to develop an oozing crust with hair loss and edema.
Thrush, is a bacterial infection of the horse's hooves and, more specifically the frog. It presents as a strong, malodorous scent when the horse's hooves are picked, and is often accompanied by a black discharge around the cleft of the frog. Additionally, the sole of an infected hoof will also be dark in color and will easily crumble when the hoof is picked. 
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