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Draw Reins are a training tool designed to help a rider balance and collect a horse while doing flat work.  Draw Reins run through the bit and then connect either to the saddle (usually at the girth) or to a breastplate.  When a rider initiates contact with these reins, they create a downward pressure on the bit limiting the horses range of motion.  The horse will not be able to raise their head to evade the bit pressure. 

Like any training tool, Draw Reins can be abusive in the wrong hands.  Because they limit a horse's range of motion, some horses will react with panic.  They can also create a false sense of how much control the rider has over the horse. 

With limited use, by riders with sympathetic hands, Draw Reins can be a very useful tool to help get a horse moving in a correct manner.  However, they should never be used for long periods of time, or by inexperienced riders, and they should NEVER be used when jumping a horse.  

For a somewhat safer technique to reach the same end, many trainers prefer the use of Side Reins while lunging rather than Draw Reins while riding. 
Weaver Poly Rope Draw Reins
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