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Find a Top Quality Leather Halter for your Horse or Pony

Choose a classic leather halter for Showing, Sales & everyday wear.

Leather Halters are classics.  Prior to the development of nylon, virtually all traditionally constructed halters were leather.  Leather is still the predominant material seen in show halters, or sales halters. 

Bottom line, if you want to show your horse off, choose leather!

There are some drawbacks to leather.  It is expensive, and it requires a certain level of care.  However, cared for properly a good quality leather halter should last for years.

Note on safety:  A leather halter is, effectively, a safety halter.  Most horses are strong enough that if caught and panicked, they will break a leather halter and thus release themselves.  There is no reason that you couldn't safely use a leather halter in a turnout situation.  However, placing your expensive leather halter out in the elements daily may not be something you want to do!     

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