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Horse Shedding Blades & Sweat Scrapers

Specialized Grooming Tools Make Grooming Easier

Shedding Blades are a great tool for horses with long, thick coats during the early Spring and Fall shedding seasons. The thin, curved metal blade has small teeth and is great for removing loose hair without damaging your horse's coat and many of these blades also feature a smooth edge on the opposite side also making it useful as a sweat scraper. These are also a great option for shedding dogs with medium to long fur coats.
Sweat Scrapers are useful tool for any wet horse, and come in two main styles, a long contoured wand style made of plastic or aluminum, or a curved blade of plastic and rubber. Swiping the blade over the horse when wet removes the extra layer of water that is trapped by the hair and allows the horse to dry faster.  

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