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Horse Lead Lines

Lead Ropes, also known as Lead Lines, come in a wide variety of materials, lengths and styles.  There is no "correct" lead line, just different options  for different situations.

Most halters have a corresponding matching lead rope.  There are both flat nylon, and flat leather versions that match halters exactly, and twisted rope versions that match with colored thread. The choice is yours.  Some people like the perfect match of flat nylon, others prefer the rope because it is softer on the hand, and generally ties better.  Leather is beautiful, but it is harder to care for, and can be quite expensive.  

A note on chains.  Lead ropes and lead lines come with chains or without.  The chains, known as "stud chains", are designed to go over the nose, or under the chin to add control.  Misuse of a chain can be damaging to a horses face, so if you don't need one, or have not been trained in their use, go for a lead rope without the chain.         

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