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Western Stirrups and Leathers

Upgrade the Stirrups on Your Western Saddle!

Unlike English Saddles, Western Saddles typically come with standard stirrups.  However, there are lots of different Western Stirrup options, and many riders choose to replace those standard stirrups with western stirrups that are uniquely suited to their riding style.

Western Stirrups are generally made of either wood or aluminum.  The wooden version are frequently covered in leather, and the aluminum generally have some sort of padded tread to keep them from being slippery.  Wood is traditional, sturdy and long lasting. Aluminum is lightweight, and is an ideal choose for anyone who needs to watch the weight of their tack - endurance riders, and speed event riders in particular.  

Western Stirrups also come in a variety of shapes.  Oxbow stirrups are round, whereas bell stirrups have a flat surface for the foot. 


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