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English saddle pads come in several styles.  All Purpose saddle pads are arguably the most popular saddle pad and are designed to fit most All Purpose English Style saddles. All Purpose Saddle Pads come in two main shapes - square and shaped. Shaped saddle pads are the most popular for the hunter show ring, in fleece or sheepskin, while square, quilted saddle pads are popular for most other disciplines and for schooling.
For performance horses, or those needing a little more protection for their backs, High Density Foam All Purpose Saddle Pads offer maximum shock absorption and usually offer some degree of breathability to avoid heat build-up.
Have a young horse, or bringing a horse back into shape? Horses's backs often change with the amount and focus of their work and our A/P Saddle Pads with Fit Adjustments can help you correct your saddle fit for minor changes. 
Tuffrider Basic All Purpose Pad
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