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Horse Polo Wraps

What Kinds of Polo Wraps Are There?

The most common type of polo wraps, and what most people think of as polos, are a fleece wrap with four way stretch and a velcro fastener on the end. Polo wraps come in a variety of colors and designs that can be coordinated with your saddle pad or even your riding attire.

Step out in style with the Classic Equine Designer Line of Polo Wraps, available in fun patterns like party cheetah, stars and lime gingham to name a few. Perri's Leather Collection of Polo Wraps features a wide assortment of colors to match every mood.
There are now also more technical polo wraps that feature elastic for increased support of the legs during strenuous exercise. The Professional's Choice Combo Bandages feature a four way stretch polo attached to an elastic bandage for ease of use. Saratoga Bandages are idea for working horses and offer firmly controlled stretch with a lightweight, breathable material that retains very little water and has a silicone application to the inside of the wrap for a more secure fit. 
During hard work, your horse's legs can easily heat up under heavy wraps, and there are now polo wraps designed with more breathable fabrics and air support. For a few of these designs checkout the Equifit T-Sport Wrap, which features a unique combination of open-celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam and high quality sports fabric for enhanced support and comfort. The Centaur Climate Control Bandages feature a moisture-wicking fabric and ventilated cushioning material for optimized air flow.
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