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Whether you are riding, lunging or turning out, you'll want to protect your horse's legs!  There is no lack of horse leg protection available, the trick is using the right leg protection for the circumstances.

While you are riding your horse, you'll want Protective Boots that are designed for specifically for your discipline, and possibly Bell Boots to protect sensitive heels .  After work, many top trainers protect tendons and alleviate swelling with Pillow or No Bow Bandages and Standing Wraps.  If you are unsure of your bandaging skills, try Stable Boots, which are safe for rest, but easier to take on and off than bandages. 

Of course, traveling with horses is always a stressful experience!  Before heading out of town, check out our Travel and Trailering section and be sure to protect their legs with Shipping Boots.

For advice on how to select boots for your horse, see Leg Protection by Dr. Sallie Hyman.
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